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Character's name: Noiz
Character's fandom: Dramatical Murder
Character's DW: QuietNoiz
Tell us about the character and his fandom: From the DRAMAtical Murder Wiki-

Noiz is one of the main characters in DRAMAtical Murder. He is the leader of his Rhyme group, Ruff Rabbit. His All-Mate is Usagimodoki.

Noiz is from a wealthy family in Germany, living with his mother, father and younger brother. As a child, Noiz was impatient and unintentionally violent, though this was attributed to his lack of the sense of feeling. This, given the hints in the storyline, suggests he has Congenital insensitivity to pain (or CIPA). He is blond with green eyes, and a numerous amount of piercings all over his body.

Due to his affliction, he could never play with other kids because he didn't know what pain felt like to others, shrugging off any injuries he got, and being confused when other children reacted to their own injuries. When Noiz's parents found out how he was acting around others, he was seen as an embarrassment, which led him to being locked up and isolated from everyone else. However, he was given all the care he needed within the room that he was given by his parents. For years, he lived alone in his own little house, with a bedroom and a connected bathroom, daily meals, and a housekeeper were all provided, but no one ever aided him whenever he was sad and lonely. It was shown that in the beginning of his isolation, he would cry and get himself hurt due to his panic and fear. However, he eventually got used to being alone, and ended up with the thought that he wasn't the same as other humans, and that whether he lived or died didn't matter since he was different.

I am taking Noiz from his route of the game, so his information differs from the true route. We first meet Noiz when Aoba is pulled into a Rhyme match while on a delivery for the Heibon Junk Shop. Noiz appears with a large green rabbit-head mask on, as well as a doctor's coat and stethoscope. He is defeated by Aoba in this match, leading to his obsession to have a re-match. Later, Noiz appears in Aoba's bedroom, having broken in and begun analyzing Ren to look for anything that would have let him cheat. When Aoba discovers who Noiz was, he starts a fight with him, leading to either Clear or Koujaku coming to his rescue depending on your choice. Afterwards, Noiz and the others are taken downstairs for a stern talking-to by Aoba's grandmother, Tae-san. Sitting around a table, they all eat doughnuts together, though Noiz remains silent for most of the meal. When Aoba and Koujaku step out to talk privately, Noiz sends one of his Allmates to spy on them.

Noiz appears again in the shop Heibon and asks Aoba to join his team, complete with a quick kiss. When he refuses, he tells him that Rhyme will be happening near the shop today and drags him outside with him. Outside, the many Rhymers are seen watching a match that had just begun and Koujaku arrives with his Rib team, Beni-Shigure, to see what all the commotion was. Noiz and Koujaku immediately begin fighting, almost leading to fight between their respective teams before Akushima comes to break it all up.
Noiz is next seen after the disappearance of Dry Juice. He offers his assistance to the rest of Aoba's friends reluctantly, having been caught spying rather than actually joining. He helps the team map out where Mizuki and once there, remains behind to disable security while they move through the building.
Once Mizuki is saved, Noiz joins the rest for the explanation of Aoba's strange power of Scrap. That night, if you have chosen all of his correct choices, he will confront Aoba about his power, asking if he used it on him when they did Rhyme together. Immediately after, he demands a rematch yet again. Noiz doesn't believe Aoba's claims that he doesn't remember their match, but concedes when Aoba promises to fight if he ever feels like it one day.

Virus calls Aoba telling him that his house is surrounded by the police since a policeman (Akushima) claims Aoba is a terrorist. Tae tells Aoba to escape the house with Koujaku, Mink, Noiz and Clear through the back door. As Aoba runs, Noiz tags along, still wanting to have a
Soon, both of them are pulled into a drive-by Rhyme match. Noiz watches as Aoba struggles to barely defend himself, not listening to Aoba's requests for help. After watching for a bit, he steps in and easily finishes the game. Getting an invitation to Platinum Jail, the two arrive in Green Playground; an arcade-like town that resembles a Rhyme field. I am taking Noiz from a point during this part in the story.

Noiz's personality is that of an standoffish brat. He has no empathy for others, and only does things that will benefit him in some way. He's intelligent and impulsive, not a stranger to bouts of violence. Only with Aoba does his softer side come out.
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